Newberry Cumberland Presbyterian Church
1301 Newberry Road, Millsap, Texas  76066

Pastor Tim Dewhirst

Pastor_Tim_Temporary.jpgThanks to Hugh and Francis Wagner, the Dewhirsts have come to know and enjoy Newberry CPC in the last couple of years. Tim and Robin live in Colleyville with Elizabeth and Matthew, the last two children of six blessings. The other four, Sarah, Adam, Hannah and Rebekah, are on their own and have added to the clan with six grandchildren.

Tim is attending seminary while working, and being husband and dad. Robin is home-schooling Matthew while being a wife and mom, and a friend to many. Robin has been home-schooling their children since 1990 and after Matthew is off to college, she intends to retire. Elizabeth recently graduated from Texas Womens University with a degree in music and is working as a voice and musical theater teacher. Matthew loves to play football and can't wait until he gets his first car.