Newberry Cumberland Presbyterian Church
1301 Newberry Road, Millsap, Texas  76066

Former Pastor Hugh Wagner

Hugh_Wagner_Young_wedding.jpgReverend Hugh A. Wagner has been a Cumberland Presbyterian for the past 20 years.  He is a graduate of Brite Divinity at Texas Christian University and was ordained on December 2, 2000. Hugh was the pastor here for approximately fifteen years and was the longest consecutively serving pastor in the church's 143 year history.

Although Hugh is originally from Bermuda, he has lived here in Texas with his wife Frances for more than twenty years and now resides in Garfield, AR.  They have two lovely daughters: Jessie and Charlotte.  Hugh is also a thirty year employee of American Airlines.

Hugh says, "We look forward to your visit and hope we will have the opportunity to answer any questions you might have."